Habitat for Humanity ReStore will reopen with a fresh look

Highlands County Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is taking lemons and making lemonade while they are closed for the coronavirus pandemic. The ReStore will be opening with a refreshed look.

The organization decided to do a couple of necessary projects while the store was closed.

The ReStore closed at noon on Wednesday, March 18th so that we could do our part to help curb the spread of COVID-19, The flooring project was originally slated for the week of May 25th. However, since the ReStore was already closed, it made sense to start the work early.

The floor was old and was becoming a safety concern.

Thanks to lots and lots of much appreciated foot traffic and from moving furniture across the flooring over the years, it was really starting to show its age. The majority of the floor was VCT tile and carpet. It served us well, but there were areas of concern where the tile was breaking down and becoming uneven throughout the store. We’ve done several patch jobs here and there over the years, but it’s gotten to the point where a full replacement was the only way to go. Our board of directors wanted to make the investment in the building so that we could continue a safe and happy ReStore experience for all. With that, we are replacing the existing flooring with a cement based self-leveling floor, similar to what you’d see at a big-box store. We’ve contracted with Griffin’s Carpet Mart to complete the work.

We acquired the building in 2001 and opened for business in 2002. Our board is looking to add future upgrades as well.

In addition to new floors, the ReStore walls have been painted. Future plans are underway to enhance our customer’s shopping experience, to include an additional cash wrap area, signage, and merchandise displays.

There is still a few more weeks worth of work, Creekmore estimated.

We hope to reopen in June, once our inventory has been moved back into the store and the store has been cleaned and sanitized. We will be sure to keep the community informed.

The ReStore opening will be a welcome sight to those who have been spring cleaning during the stay-at-home order, generating lots of donations.

Thankfully, we are a healthy organization and we feel very fortunate that we could do something positive for our ReStore business during such an uncertain time.

The purpose of the ReStore is to contribute to the work of Habitat for Humanity. Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance, and affordable housing solutions for individuals and families throughout Highlands County. When you shop, donate, or volunteer at the ReStore you are helping Habitat fulfill this mission.

The ReStore is such an important part of our work and we can’t fulfill our mission without it. Like so many others, we are eager and excited to reopen the community that we love so much. We are extremely grateful for our customers, donors, and volunteers who continue to support the ReStore and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Sarah Creekmore

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