we believe....

Homeownership has the power to transform.  A commitment to affordable housing for individuals and families strengthens the fabric of our community.


Picture yourself working hard in a minimum wage job, or two; just trying to make ends meet.  After paying rent and utilities, there’s little left to purchase food, clothing, school supplies, medicine or pay for daycare. You’ve moved four times in two years trying to find a decent, affordable rental for your family. A place where the police aren’t regulars, the heat and air conditioning work and are free from mold and vermin. You dream of owning a safe, healthy home. But no matter how hard you work or how low interest rates are, you can never save enough to qualify for a mortgage. Hopefully, you will never face this kind of struggle. However, take a look around you. Many hardworking families in our community aren’t so fortunate. They can only dream of a better life for their children.


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